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Disproportionate Individualism

  A tale of two societies  Since at least the publication of Alexis de Tocqueville’s famous work Democracy in America, common wisdom has it that the USA is par excellence an individualistic society.[1] The judiciary has had more than a … Continue reading

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Notes on liberal sociability

Is it possible to arrive at a concept of society (let alone a fair society) having a Hobbesian individualism as starting point? That is, starting with the notion that society is an aggregate of individuals who by nature have “a … Continue reading

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Disproportionate Individualism

When talking about human rights, many theorists in Europe and elsewhere prefer the term individual rights. I always considered this terminology unfortunate but contemporary human rights theory and practice, notably adjudication, makes it seem more apt. Indeed, the underlying philosophy … Continue reading

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Is there a general right of non-disclosure?

By Stavros Tsakyrakis[1] Introduction What information about ourselves do we owe each other? What information about ourselves are we justified to withhold from others? Do I have the right to keep my name secret or my face covered? What about … Continue reading

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