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Disproportionate Individualism

  A tale of two societies  Since at least the publication of Alexis de Tocqueville’s famous work Democracy in America, common wisdom has it that the USA is par excellence an individualistic society.[1] The judiciary has had more than a … Continue reading

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Notes on liberal sociability

Is it possible to arrive at a concept of society (let alone a fair society) having a Hobbesian individualism as starting point? That is, starting with the notion that society is an aggregate of individuals who by nature have “a … Continue reading

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Total Freedom: the Morality of Proportionality

Stavros Tsakyrakis [1] Introduction Are the doctrines we employ in human rights adjudication true to the importance of human rights norms? This question is pressed upon us by the growing popularity, in recent years, of the proportionality test in many … Continue reading

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